PRIVATE USE COMMISSIONS: These are NOT convention quality sketches. These are tight, finished pieces of art. The wait is generally about 1 week for most commissions. It can be delivered sooner. Rest assured, it’s worth the wait. Artist retains all rights to private commissions.

PAYMENT METHOD: All orders are processed via Stripe. All orders/purchases require a deposit of half the total amount before any work will begin. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance will be due after artwork is completed and buyer has reviewed a low-resolution preview via e-mail/message. All balances are due prior to delivery of final artwork. All payments made in U.S. dollars only.

HOW TO ORDER A COMMISSION: You can email Langstn through the website form below, Facebook, or Instagram. Client will receive rough sketch of character/pose before payment. This sketch will not contain any details, it’s a preliminary draft to ensure the client accepts the pose and body type. All clients will receive an invoice for payment upon the work request being accepted. Work In Progress (WIP) sketches will be sent throughout the process.



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Remember: NSFW/Nude/Hentai or anything outside the scope of my art style will not be accepted.
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